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Inspired by the unity displayed in the East Montgomery County community after the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in August 2017, longtime New Caney resident Brenda Webb was motivated by the kindness she witnessed, prompting her to find meaningful ways to give back to her fellow residents.

Brenda’s commitment and enthusiasm for community involvement are key factors behind her decision to run for a position on the East Montgomery County Improvement District Board of Directors, reflecting her dedication to serving and enhancing her community. Having been elected to the board in 2012, Brenda currently holds the position of EMCID board chairman, a role she continues to fulfill with pride, dedication, and leadership.

“As a board member, it is crucial to recognize and prioritize strategic initiatives that align with the long-term vision and sustainable growth of the organization and the community,” said Brenda. “As a board member, it’s important to maintain objectivity and prioritize the broader community’s interests, ensuring decisions align with the overall welfare of the community. Understanding the full scope of EMCID’s operations can be intricate, and the ongoing learning process reflects a commitment to gaining a comprehensive understanding of its functions.”

In 1979, Brenda began working as a legal assistant for a criminal defense attorney and civil litigation attorney at Spradlin, Riley & Rose Law Firm in Houston and ran their bonding company as well.  During her 36-year employment, she established her own Gold Rush Tax Office in New Caney, effectively balancing her responsibilities as an entrepreneur and employee, particularly during the demanding tax season. Following the unfortunate passing of both attorneys in 2015, she redirected all her focus and efforts toward managing her business, a commitment she has sustained to the present day.

In addition to work, serving her community and spending time with her loved ones continue to be a few of her top priorities.

“The resilience and unity demonstrated by our community in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey highlights the strength and compassion of the people who call this area home.  It’s a testament to our shared commitment to supporting each other in challenging times,” said Brenda. “Embracing the current growth and development in East Montgomery County signifies a positive transformation, showcasing the region’s evolving landscape and potential for progress. It is rewarding to witness the recognition and respect that is now being received, acknowledging the community’s contributions and significance.”

Brenda has been married to Ronny for more than 35 years and they have three children and six grandchildren. She is also an active member of Emmanuel Baptist Church in New Caney.

“Hopefully, my dedication and passion for serving the community shines through and is recognized in everything I do,” concluded Brenda.

Brenda’s graduation from Leadership Montgomery County in 2017 reflects her commitment to personal and community development.

Brenda’s dual terms as the inaugural Vice President of the East Montgomery County Republican Women’s PAC, starting from its establishment in 2015, underscores her early and influential role in the organization.

She was first elected to Position 1 in 2012 and re-elected in 2016 and 2020. Her term expires in 2024.