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Ronald Willingham

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Ronald B. Willingham was elected to serve as EMCID Director Position 3 in 2020. Ronald and his wife made Montgomery County their home in 2000.

Working in the public sector for more than 38 years, Ronald knew at an early age that he wanted to serve the public. He launched his career as a public servant with the Houston Fire Department and as a reserve deputy for the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Ronald then began his service in East Montgomery County as a reserve deputy in 1998 while working in the private sector for a family-owned business, transitioning to full-time in 2000 with the Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constable’s Office, serving for over 23 years as a Patrol/Civil Sergeant before retiring in 2021. Ronald is currently a Reserve Officer for Constable Precinct 4.

Since he has seen the changes in East Montgomery County first-hand, Ronald wanted to serve on the Board of Directors for the East Montgomery County Improvement District to further serve the community and support existing and new businesses in EMC and job creation.

“The development in East Montgomery County has changed dramatically from the time when I first began working in the area,” said Ronald. “I would like to extend my public service in EMC by serving as an EMCID Director to support existing businesses and bring new business to the area. I also want to be a part of the continuing support to the youth with the hope that they consider returning to EMC when they complete their education to become a part of the workforce and community.”

Ronald’s experience in the public and private sector working in a family-owned business dealing with manufacturing, shipping and selling gives him insight into the business side while his service in law enforcement allows him to be more familiar with the needs of businesses in the area.

“I am amazed at the growth in EMC; not just on the growing business footprint, but also in the growth of the community,” said Ronald.

In addition to serving his community, Ronald enjoys golf, the shooting range and vacationing with his family. Ronald has been married to his wife, Cheryl since 1975 and they have two sons and three grandchildren.